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Dieting should be about getting healthy not just losing weight. Some diets may help people shed pounds, but are unhealthy in the long run. Herbs are natural and can lead to diet success if properly used.

Herbs can be found in diet supplements and teas. Although herbs are natural there are some to be aware of. Avoid supplements that contain ephedra, senna and cascara sagrada. Ephedra has been known to cause high blood pressure and nervous system problems. Senna and cascara sagrada are herbal laxatives that lead to cramps and diarrhea.

Be cautious of all herbal supplements and teas. Before trying herbal supplements do research and consult a medical expert. Some herbs can negatively affect people with certain conditions. Choosing the right herb for the right results is also important.

To stop cravings the following herbs should be used:

Psyllium – source of fiber which gives a full feeling. Its seeds can also lower cholesterol.
Yerba Mate – South American holly that can create a calming effect to prevent emotional eating.
Ginseng – curbs sugar cravings.

To burn fat and boost metabolism try the following:

Seaweed or kelp – increases circulation and reduces fat digestion causing fat to just pass through the body.
Ginseng – contains vitamins and helps mood while increasing endurance and immune function.
Green tea – increases metabolism, stops fat absorption and even contains antioxidants that prevent diseases.
Cayenne – from a hot pepper helps metabolism and heart problems.
Guggul – a blood detoxifying plant, can also help relieve arthritis pain and lower cholesterol.
Fish Oil – reduces accumulation of fat and improves skin.
Rhodiola – a plant that improves physical performance and decreases fatigue.

For increased energy try the following:

Ginseng – increases energy and also enhances libido.
Guarana – found in many energy drinks.
Yerba Mate – contains caffeine to boost energy, but it also helps individuals to get sound sleep.

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