Just How Safe Are Diet Supplements?

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In today’s society there is a growing culture of convenience and instant gratification. One of the biggest industries is the one that provides consumers with diet supplements. There is a wide range from ordinary nutrients to complement the existing diet, to weight loss supplements. The latter is the more dangerous path, since many of the available supplements have been clouded by suspicion and criticized for side effects. If you are thinking of adding them to your kitchen cabinet then first stop and think about just how safe these products are.

Approval from boards

Diet supplements are not regulated by most drug board, which means that these manufacturers do not have to ensure efficacy and safety of their products. They can claim that their product works and that it is safe, but many provide fixed “scientific studies” in order to make their product seem ideal. It is generally accepted that multivitamins and minerals are the safest of the lot, and that it is the herbal concoctions that seem to be the big problem when it comes to safety.

What can go wrong?

There are a number of things that can go wrong with diet supplements. This is usually dependent on the dose and the ingredients. Some substances can induce an allergic reaction or have unpleasant side effects. Some supplements can even interact with your existing medication to bring about undesirable consequences.

Which are the safest brands?

Every brand carries different diet supplements so they each carry their own risks and benefits. They differ in ingredients, composition, as well as dosage. This means that while one product may work for you, a seemingly similar product from a competing brand may not work for you. It is safer to opt for a brand that is well known and that you have used before.

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