100% Pure Skincare – Is This Possible

These days people are returning to natural products and woman and men are searching for 100% pure skincare. This as a worthwhile aim as natural is usually much better. It is good to be taking a more holistic view towards skincare products.

However, in reality, we can not produce a totally natural skincare product even though advertising may tell you differently. It is impossible for every single skincare ingredient to be totally natural.For an ingredient to be totally natural it cannot go through a processing phase. Even a plant has to go through a natural processing phase before it can be used in a skincare product. Actually, this process makes the ingredient more effective.

This explains why herbal extracts are often more effective than the actual plant because it is only the active ingredients that are extracted.Strictly speaking, this means that we cannot produce a 100% pure skincare product. Having said this, please do not go out and buy a skincare product full of chemicals.It is definitely beneficial to use holistic skincare products.

To begin with, do not use any product that contains parabens. They are commonly used in skincare products as a preservative to increase the shelf life. However, studies have shown that they are cancerous when used over a length of time. Parabens are of no benefit to you, as the consumer. Do not use these products on your skin. The only beneficiaries are the skincare companies because they make more money.

It is also a good idea to avoid fragrances. Great to smell nice but at what expense? Thousands of harmful chemicals are used in fragrances. Your body is much healthier without them. Holistic skincare is the use of naturally processed natural ingredients. Even better, if they are scientifically proven to be effective.

Some of these ingredients are: Phytessence Wakame is a kelp, found in the oceans of Japan. Japanese people use kelp in food and externally on their skin. The women have known for years that Phytessence Wakame is a major contributor to their beautiful, smooth skin.

Cynergy TK is a substance that is extracted from the wool of carefully selected sheep. Cynergy TK consists of functional keratin. Keratin is a protein commonly found in our body and plays an important role in beautifying our skin. Studies have shown that Cynergy TK is able to stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin.

As you probably know, collagen and elastin are two proteins that play a major role in the elasticity and firmness of young skin. As we begin to age less collagen and elastin is produced in our body. Once this happens wrinkles and sagging skin start to appear.

100% pure skincare can contain scientifically proven natural ingredients like Phytessence Wakame And Cynergy TK but also remember to include a healthy diet. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, grains, nuts and fish. Also keep your skin hydrated with lots of filtered water.

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